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Physician HealthLine™

HealthForce physicians provide 24/7 telephonic support to on-site medical representatives who are responding to injury and illness at the workplace. Improve outcomes and avoid unnecessary costs with on-demand physician consultation, MyHealthForce tools and concierge customer support.

  • Hiring & Return-to-Work
    CHALLENGES Inconsistent standards Slow processes Ineffective screening HEALTHFORCE SOLUTIONS Job demands catalog On demand screening Smart, customized tools RESULTS Avoid discrimination claims Put people to work quickly Make good accommodation decisions
  • Record Keeping
    CHALLENGES PHI in many required documents Too much paper Employer possession HEALTHFORCE SOLUTIONS HIPAA best practices EMR tools Custodial partner RESULTS Maintain confidentiality and security Lower storage and access costs Assure availability without exposure
  • Regulatory Compliance
    CHALLENGES Multiple programs Many participants Complicated regulations HEALTHFORCE SOLUTIONS One dashboard Managed tracking Expert oversight RESULTS See it all Get it done Get it right
  • Injury & Illness Management
    CHALLENGES Distributed employee base Lost productivity Many providers HEALTHFORCE SOLUTIONS Optimized access Early intervention Integrated review RESULTS Reduce claims cost Reduce time loss Improve outcome quality
  • Health Promotion
    CHALLENGES Employee awareness Disengaged patients Disconnected data and tactics HEALTHFORCE SOLUTIONS Employee home page Health incentive program Strategic PHM RESULTS Help them keep track Tools for behavior change Target behavior change to risks and costs
  • Financial Responsibility
    CHALLENGES Slow vendors Many vendors in many locations Undisciplined spending Can’t reconcile invoices HEALTHFORCE SOLUTIONS JIT purchasing Managed network Protocol-based service Transparent billing RESULTS Buy what you want when you need it Single source with unlimited points of service Service and specs match expectations See all of the activity data
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