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Health Screenings

HealthForce Health Screenings encompass a battery of biometric tests that collect and measure your employees’ specific health parameters. These affordable, convenient screenings can be conducted at the worksite and include the following components:

Blood Lipid Profile
This blood test measures cholesterol, glucose, HDL and total cholesterol/HDL ratio and is performed by a Certified Phlebotomist or Medical Technologist. The test is completed in about five minutes and requires the employee to fast for four hours in advance. We provide the blood results report to the employee in a sealed, confidential envelope along with a results interpretation sheet and educational materials.

Computerized Body Composition Analysis
We offer a non-invasive, computerized method to measure a variety of body components, including body fat percentage, for your employees. The test is painless, takes only seconds to complete, and is administered by one of our Exercise Specialists or a highly trained health professional. The results are confidential, and we provide each employee with a summary indicating his or her body fat percentage, useful information about body composition, and tips for body fat reduction or maintenance if appropriate. We also provide each employee with guidelines for this test in advance.

Blood Pressure Assessment
This test is conducted by a highly trained health professional to measure employees’ Systolic and Diastolic Blood Pressure. Each employee receives educational materials about blood pressure and hypertension.

Health Risk Assessment (HRA)
This effective, morbidity-based assessment tool allows us to benchmark and monitor changes in employee health behavior, health risks, attitudes, readiness to change, self-efficacy and other health-related factors over time. Available in online or print format, HRAs can be used as a starting point for a population health management program or specific wellness programming for an employee population. After completing a questionnaire, the employee receives a Personal Health Report. This informative, confidential summary provides an overall health risk level, plus personalized feedback about health screenings, personal health habits, and modifiable and non-modifiable risk factors. The Personal Health Report also offers the employee specific recommendations on how to improve his or her health status.

Features of the Health Screenings


Confidential, prevention-focused testing


Efficient, cost-effective and flexible service


Convenient, on-site delivery


Promotion and scheduling coordination


Effective data collection for health education and at-risk intervention efforts


Reliable benchmarks for future improvements


Useful data to assess the health status of defined populations

Customer benefits
HealthForce Health Screenings help you promote healthier behaviors among your employees. Our services also provide for:


increased employee awareness of their specific health risks and opportunities for improvement,


more proactive efforts among employees to improve their individual health status,


reduced employee healthcare costs,


greater awareness among all employees that the employer cares about their health and well-being, and


improved employee morale and attendance.


Our highly trained health professionals measure employees’ cholesterol, body fat percentage, blood pressure and other health parameters, then provide them with results interpretations, educational materials, and useful tips for improving those parameters.


Our Health Risk Assessment (HRA) is a confidential survey tool that evaluates an employee’s health behaviors, health risks, readiness to change, and other factors.


We provide flexible, cost-effective tools to track changes in employee health risks and behaviors, plus information and incentives to encourage employees to improve their own health status.


About HealthForce
HealthForce is a single-source provider of workplace health solutions, serving thousands of local, regional and national employers. We are an innovator in employee health, offering superior care to injured and ill employees, and designing and delivering workplace health services to improve employee health and productivity.


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