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Drug and Alcohol Services

To help you ensure an unimpaired, productive workforce at all times, HealthForce Drug and Alcohol Services offer an effective, turnkey solution. We provide custom-designed services to meet your company's objectives and satisfy all regulatory requirements.

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Work Testing

We custom design our work tests to be effective and functional tools for pre-employment (baseline), annual (periodic) and return-to-work (post-injury or -illness) screening. The information provided by these job-specific tests enables employers to make the most informed hiring and placement decisions possible. It also helps match applicants to the positions for which they are most qualified and best suited, and prevent on-the-job injuries among employees.

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Medical Surveillance Program

The HealthForce Medical Surveillance Program helps employers provide healthy, safe and productive workplaces for their employees while ensuring total compliance with all health and safety regulations. Our program also enables you to improve your work environment proactively, before health and safety issues even materialize.

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Respiratory Questionnaire and Exams

Respiratory questionnaires and, in some circumstances, exams are required by OSHA and WISHA for any employees wearing a respirator. These exams serve as a screening tool to identify workers requiring further medical evaluation before using a respirator. Our respiratory questionnaire can be found on our website or in any of our clinics.

Respiratory Fit Testing

Respirators are indispensable tools in protecting workers from airborne contaminants that can damage lung tissue, irritate the respiratory tract or be absorbed into the bloodstream and transported throughout the body.

Respirator use is governed by OSHA regulations that mandate fit testing to identify the appropriate respirator after medical clearance is obtained. Our respirator fit testing program ensures that workers know proper procedures for donning and cleaning their respirators, performing user seal checks, and qualitatively fit testing their respirators.

Pulmonary Function Testing

Pulmonary function testing (PFT) is a type of lung screening used to detect and assess abnormal lung function. PFT is used primarily for workers who could be exposed to respiratory hazards, including firefighters, asbestos workers and those using a self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA). PFT provides baseline health data for future comparisons and testing of workers for respiratory clearance.

Treadmill Testing

Treadmill testing and monitoring of workers under different workloads can reveal heart risks particularly important for workers who perform physically strenuous activities, those assigned to medically remote areas or those responsible for the safety of others. Some occupations, such as firefighter, require medical confirmation of workers' high level of fitness. Also, under certain circumstances, the Federal Aviation Administration requires treadmill tests for pilots.

Audiometric Testing

Federal regulations require a hearing conservation program for any exposure risk for noise above certain levels as established by OSHA. Audiometric testing measures possible hearing loss to employees from on-the-job exposure. Measurements may be performed pre-employment, post-exposure/incident or as annual exams for baseline measurements to gauge possible future hearing damage. Sequential audiograms document the extent of any hearing loss and demonstrate the effectiveness of hearing conservation programs. Our services also include the fitting of hearing protection products.

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