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Prevention and Wellness

Health Risk Assessments

Health Risk Assessments (HRAs) are personalized surveys (print or online) that help individuals assess their health risks based on their unique lifestyle and medical history. Specific diseases addressed include heart disease, cancer and diabetes. HRAs help participants set goals and develop action plans for positive behavior changes that may include exercise, nutrition, back care, stress management and ergonomics.

Aggregate group reports based on individual HRAs — but without personal identifiers — can assist employers in reducing the health risks of their employee population. The reports focus on modifiable health risks, enabling employers to plan and implement cost-effective, outcomes-based programs to reduce employee health risks and provide benchmark data to measure progress.

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Health Screenings

HealthForce Health Screenings encompass a battery of biometric tests that collect and measure your employees’ specific health parameters. These affordable, convenient screenings can be conducted at the worksite and include the following components...

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Health Incentive Programs

If your organization is struggling with how to combat the rising cost of employee healthcare, then the HealthForce Wellness Challenge® is the solution for you. Using incentives as positive motivation techniques, the Wellness Challenge helps you influence your employees to lower their long-term health risks and minimize unnecessary use of healthcare resources. Because no two organizations are alike, the Wellness Challenge is a flexible, web-based health incentive program designed to provide you with the exact tools you need to achieve quantifiable results.

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Ergonomic Services

HealthForce Ergonomic Services help employers examine the physical requirements and risks associated with specific jobs and worksites. Our services benefit workers in all types of jobs and industries, from physically demanding occupations to work performed in an office. After our workplace health experts identify the job requirements and risks at your worksite, they make recommendations — both individually and on a small-group basis — to improve the work environment, prevent injuries, and maximize employee safety and productivity.

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Drug-Free Workplace Consultation

A drug-free workplace helps reduce accidents and absenteeism while increasing overall worker productivity. HealthForce can educate you about the various types of drug-screening services available and help develop substance-abuse programs tailored to the needs of your particular business.

We provide information on the range of tests available, such as random selections (and sampling pool management), post-offer testing and reasonable suspicion/post accident testing. We help you stay in compliance with the regulations pertinent to your business, whether Department of Transportation, SAMHSA or other legally mandated substance-abuse monitoring regulations.

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