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Fitness Center Management

An on-site fitness center offers employees convenient access to physical activity and serves as a resource center for health information. We provide oversight and management of fitness center operations, including the development of operating policies and procedures, promotion and administration of fitness programs, quality assurance and facility utilization, and program tracking.

Our health promotion professionals staffing on-site fitness centers hold four-year degrees in a health or exercise-related discipline, certifications from the American College of Sports Medicine or National Strength and Conditioning Association, and current CPR certification.

Integrated Functional Fitness Program

The best time to address work-related strains, sprains and other injuries is before they occur. As part of our Integrated Functional Fitness Program, HealthForce work injury and fitness specialists provide direction and strategies to address potential risk factors before an employee’s discomfort results in lost time or a disability claim. Incorporating key principles of physical therapy, occupational therapy and ergonomics, we deliver our services where they are needed most — at the worksite.

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Workout in a Bag

It is often difficult for many types of employees, depending on the nature of their work, to stay physically active during their workday. Workout in a Bag™ is a customized exercise program created by HealthForce specifically for these workers. Since employees in certain jobs and industries often tend to be sedentary, the first objective of Workout in a Bag is to increase their awareness and understanding of basic strengthening exercises, including the important benefits of such activities.

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