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Pre-Placement Examinations

Pre-placement examinations help take the guesswork out of hiring, reduce injuries down the road, and save employers money. Pre-placement exams can take many different forms, depending on your needs, such as functional work testing, pulmonary function testing, drug testing or hazardous materials exposure surveillance and evaluation. They help ensure high productivity by confirming that your workers are ready for the job. They can also reduce your liability by establishing baseline data for your new hires that can be compared to later examinations to determine what changes, if any, have occurred in the conditions of your workers.

Fitness For Duty Evaluation

When an employee is off work due to a medical condition, concerns often arise about the personís ability to perform all job duties completely and safely once he or she is released for work. This is where a HealthForce Fitness for Duty Evaluation can help.

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Regulatory Examinations

Federally mandated regulatory examinations ensure that a worker's health status is sufficient for the worker to perform his or her job duties as assigned, ensuring public safety and the worker's own well-being. Regulatory exams are more than just annual checkups. Their goal is early diagnosis, treatment and prevention of health conditions that could endanger others, such as a driver or pilot suffering from hypertension, increasing his or her risk of stroke or heart attack. Regulatory exams are required by federal agencies such as the Department of Transportation, the Federal Aviation Administration and others.

Annual/Executive/Travel Examinations

Annual physical exams allow individuals and their physician to address all physical and psychological aspects of health ó everything from updating immunizations to behavioral health problems and lifestyle risk factors. Annual exams can also provide baseline health measurements for workers exposed to hazardous materials or engaged in jobs that may lead to injury.

Executive life often combines long workdays, stress and frequent travel that can exacerbate health risks. Executive participation in regularly scheduled medical exams results in 20 percent less costs in total claims and 45 percent reduction in lost workdays. International executives often seek the benefits of American medicine, and we refer them to the appropriate caregivers.

We provide exams for employees who have just returned from a country where they were injured or exposed to an illness. We also conduct exams and provide appropriate immunizations for workers before they leave the U.S.

Hazardous Materials Exposures Examinations

If your employees are subjected to specific types of hazardous materials (HAZMAT) in their work environments, medical surveillance testing can monitor their exposure levels and ensure the protection of their health.

Such exams are OSHA-mandated for HAZMAT responders, such as firefighters, and are essential if a respirator is being worn. These exams also help ensure that adequate protection is being provided. Other workers who may require medical surveillance exams include those exposed to asbestos, lead, loud noise, lasers, hazardous waste, or other chemical, physical and biological hazards common to many industries, including construction, marine and biotech.

Closing and Rating Examinations

Closing and rating exams test for permanent impairment (strength, agility and functionality) after the worker has reached a fixed or stable condition. These exams may be requested as the claim is moved to closure by the physician. Workers are rated on a scale developed by the Washington state Department of Labor and Industries (L&I). The rating is forwarded to L&I to help document the end of the claim. Relatively quick and simple, these exams confirm for employers that workers can do the job and return to work.

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