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Medical Director Services

Managing your medical services is complicated and time-consuming. Our medical directors are highly skilled, broadly experienced physicians who handle the tough stuff so you don't have to, including:

  • utilization and case management,
  • difficult case resolutions,
  • claims reviews to ensure that medical care is both necessary and appropriate,
  • medical guideline and policy development,
  • provider network evaluation and development, and
  • benefit plan analysis and design.

HealthForce medical directors become a company’s medical consultants by learning about the unique risks and requirements of your workplace. With this in-depth knowledge of the worksite, they deliver appropriate and timely services — whenever and wherever needed — on a contract or as-needed basis. This helps our client companies control expenses while still having access to physicians with the job-specific expertise needed to provide advice and resolve employees' work-related health problems.

Physician HealthLine

Physician HealthLine is your direct connection to a physician advisor at times of immediate medical need. The HealthLine is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. HealthForce maintains a 15-second average time to answer and a two-minute physician response time for consultation.

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Provider Network Coordination

Customers in areas with no direct access to our clinics can still receive our full set of workplace health solutions. We can set up provider networks that deliver the same services as our own clinics. For example, our physicians can oversee environmental surveillance exams and evaluations performed in clinics more convenient to customers, or we may set up a national network of collection sites for urine drug screens.

We ensure that working with other providers is as good for our customers as working directly with us. We communicate our protocols and expertise to these providers to ensure they become knowledgeable about the special needs of our customers. And while our top priorities are quality of care and accuracy, we also leverage our volume and relationships with customers for cost savings with selected provider networks.

Bloodborne and Airborne Pathogen Training

People in a variety of occupations may be exposed to others with potentially dangerous bloodborne and airborne pathogens. Such risks can affect healthcare providers, nursing home workers, fire and police departments, municipal employees and school teachers. Exposure-prevention training on the proper use of personal protective equipment helps protect workers from infections such as Hepatitis A and B, HIV, SARS, TB and other diseases. The training also ensures that employees receive appropriate immunizations, medical follow-up after each exposure incident and post-exposure counseling.

Health Information Management

What you don't know can hurt you. Managing the full continuum of your workplace health services requires expert information management. HealthForce integrates all your data collection, storage and access, legal and regulatory requirements, and other responsibilities related to managing your health and safety information. With good information management systems in place, you can manage your risks while optimizing worker health and productivity. Your company will realize benefits in:

  • increased productivity,
  • improved return-to-work results,
  • reduced benefit costs,
  • increased customer satisfaction, and
  • lower labor replacement costs. is a unique tool that provides companies and their employees online access — anywhere and anytime — to important health management information. Each website is password-protected, so only authorized personnel can get in, and allows different views for executives, supervisors and employees.

Your website is co-branded so your employees feel at home. The website can be customized to provide the information you need, presented in the way you need it. You will find instructions for using HealthForce services, current protocols, work status, exam and test results, utilization reports and billing information. Employees can also complete regulatory questionnaires and medical history forms online, saving time and money. To register or receive a demonstration of, please contact HealthForce Customer Service.

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