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Absence Management

Certified Job Analysis

Job Analyses (JAs) are detailed biomechanical assessments of the specific physical requirements of each job, conducted on-site by vocational rehabilitation counselors. Physicians and therapists use JAs to set return-to-function treatment goals tailored to a particular job, helping to ensure a faster return to work. JAs also allow claims managers to track benchmarked progress toward wellness and help prevent injury by providing direction for job and workstation ergonomic redesign.

JAs integrated into your workplace treatment and prevention programs help minimize injuries and maximize worker productivity, resulting in cost savings and reduced workers' compensation costs.

Early Intervention Program

When an employee is off work more than three days due to an injury, the HealthForce Early Intervention Progam enables that individual to take greater responsibility for his or her own swift recovery. Acting as an intermediary between the employer, the injured worker and the attending physician, our Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor facilitates a productive dialogue around one common goal: helping the injured worker quickly and safely return to work, either in the job of injury or at an acceptable alternate job.

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Modified Duty Program

Workers recovering from injury or illness can return to work sooner by assuming lighter duties during their recovery period. Modified duty may be a transitional period that purposefully ramps up hours and workload until the worker is once again physically able to do his or her old job full-time. If we have determined that the worker will only achieve partial recovery, we can recommend equipment modifications to help the person continue performing that job.

Simultaneously, we'll help you explore the worker's transferable skills, looking at completely different jobs that the person can do either short-term or long-term and what training might be required.

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