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Services for Firefighters

As the Northwest's leading provider of occupational health services to the firefighting community, HealthForce delivers cost-effective medical, wellness and fitness services designed specifically for firefighters. We offer a full menu of services to help your department achieve its employee health and safety objectives.

Services to meet your objectives

    Hiring the right people
  • » Pre-Placement and Fit-for-Duty Exams

    Keeping employees healthy and productive
  • » Ergonomic Analysis and Training
  • » Group and Individual Counseling and Stress Management Programs, provided by a Ph.D. firefighting expert
  • » Health Screenings, Risk Assessments and Incentive Programs
  • » Healthy Firehouse Meals classes with a Registered Dietition
  • » Functional Fitness and Peer Fitness Training for Firefighters
  • » Pulmonary and Auditory Testing
  • » Vaccinations and Immunizations

    Containing the cost of work-related injury or illness
  • » 24/7 Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Incident Triage
  • » Hazardous Materials Exposure Exams
  • » Walk-in Injury Care in Numerous Locations

    Returning injured employees to work quickly and safely
  • » Early Intervention and Modified Duty Programs
  • » Physical Therapy to Return to Function at Work and at Home
  • » Work Conditioning

    Complying with applicable regulations
  • » Bloodborne and Airborne Pathogen Training
  • » Health Information Management
  • » Medical Surveillance Program
  • » Respiratory Questionnaire and Fit Testing

IAFF/IAFC Compliance
To help you comply with the IAFF/IAFC Wellness-Fitness Initiative, we provide comprehensive wellness and fitness events at your station to:

  • » support your Firefighter Peer Fitness Training Program,
  • » better prepare individuals for the demands of fire suppression and other duties, and
  • » conduct annual HazMat exams as needed.

In addition, our physicians and health educators regularly attend IAFF/IAFC conferences and other events to stay current on regulations and issues affecting firefighters, and to continuously enhance the quality of our services.

Convenient, flexible delivery to meet your needs

At your station. We set up a full-featured clinic at one centrally located firehouse and provide cost-effective employee health and wellness services. By coordinating with crew schedules, we minimize firefighters' time out of service.

In our clinics. Our conveniently located Occupational Medicine Clinics offer access to a wide range of employee health services. HealthForce providers are occupational health experts, combining specialized training, years of experience and a unique understanding of worksites and jobs, including firefighting.

Over the phone. In urgent situations requiring expert consultation, such as bloodborne pathogen exposures, we provide telephonic support through our 24/7 support center. We maintain a 15-second average time to answer each call and a two-minute physician response time for consultation. Our physicians are primary care doctors with experience in remote medical support, as well as orientation to occupational and medical issues specific to firefighters.

Extensive knowledge and expertise
With years of experience working with more than 25 fire departments, HealthForce has a proven track record of providing services to keep firefighters healthy and safe. We routinely spend time with fire departments and collaborate with labor and management to address critical issues and identify solutions. As a result, we have a complete, working knowledge of the complex challenges you face every day.

About HealthForce
HealthForce is a single-source provider of workplace health solutions, serving thousands of local, regional and national employers. We are an innovator in employee health, offering superior care to injured and ill employees, and designing and delivering workplace health services to improve employee health and productivity.


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